4851C- 1 Part Large Bar Guest Check Pegasus Ventures Brand- 16 lines, Custom Imprinting

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Part Number:4851C
  • Booked or Loose:Loose or Padded
  • Color:Tan Lines with Images
  • Condition:New
  • Customer Guest Receipt for Tax/Record Keeping:YES
  • Lines per check:16
  • QUANTITY PRICING:Available with this product, see below for specifics!
  • Restaurant Guest Checks Per Case:2,500
  • Size Dimensions:4¼" x 6½"
  • Style:32 pound bond paper
  • Type:Snap-A-Part Bar Guest Checks

4851C - 1 Part Lar Pegasus Ventures Brand Bar Guest Check for Restaurants Custom Imprint

The 4851C- 1 Part Large Bar Guest Check for Restaurants are tool for the bar. The 4851C- 1 Part Bar Guest Check for Restaurants is an attractive guest check with 11 lines on an attractive form with a tear away guest receipt for your customer's tax or other record keeping needs.

This bar guest check is printed on a 32 pound bond paper. This is a stiffer paper we call medium board. For an idea of the paper, the paper typically used for your home printer is a 20 pound bond paper. This bar guest checks is printed with brown ink unless otherwise specified.

Imprinting Color Choices

Choose one of 4 colors for imprint lines
PMS Black 185
PMS Green 347
PMS Blue 300
PMS Red 185

Color choices for custom imprint lines, red, green, black, blue

Quantity Pricing for the 4851C- 1 Part Large Bar Guest Checks

Pegasus Ventures brand restaurant guest checks come with volume pricing. The more you order, the lower your per case cost for your guest checks. The 4851C - 1 Part Bar Guest Check for Restaurants come with substantial savings as you increase the number of cases ordered.

  • 2 - 3
  • $95.34
  • 4 - 5
  • $92.16
  • 6 - 7
  • $91.16
  • 8+
  • $90.16

Custom Logo Artwork Specifications for Custom Imprinted Restaurant Guest Checks

Sometimes a sticky issue, getting the artwork right for printers generally requires high resolution vector artwork. So places to find what Pegasus Ventures Michigan needs for placing logos on restaurant guest checks can be taken from proofs used for menus, shirts, signage or other custom work. Logos designed by graphic artists take no more than a phone call asking the graphic artist to email the original file.

Pegasus Ventures Michigan also offers a service converting low resolution logos for printing and other high resolution needs. The additional cost is just $70 for set up the high resolution version of the logo. If the logo sent does not meet specifications the set up fee would be charged separately. High resolution graphics make ordering many other products from any kind of printing to giant signs along the road. It benefits the business having a high resolution version of logos on hand.

Custom Numbering for Custom Imprinted Restaurant Guest Checks

Choose a six-digit number for your imprinted form! Otherwise, we will start with 001001.

Padding your custom imprinted guest checks

The 4851C Bar Guest Checks can be padded into sets, hot-glued together with a hard backer for writing support and security, The cost for padding this guest check is $13 per case 

Font choices for custom imprinted restaurant guest checks

Custom imprinted font typestyle guest checks

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